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CoinLearn is undergoing some fundamental change and a new version will appear soon. All your pending payments will be released before release of the new version.

What is Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a digital asset that can be generated against computational power by solving a complex mathematical puzzle. By every passing day, Bitcoin generation is becoming more and more difficult and hence the demand of existing Bitcoins are increasing. Acceptance of Bitcoin is increasing across the globe for various online payments by different vendors for its advantages over credit card payment. At Coin Learn you can earn free Bitcoins as well as learn various things about this peer-to-peer cryptocurrency.

What is Coin Learn ?

Coin Learn provides you one of the simplest way on the web to learn as well as earn Bitcoin. To begin with, simply put your Bitcoin address below and start learning and earning Bitcoin instantly. If you do not have a Bitcoin address at this moment, you can directly click the start button for learning.

Do you have a Bitcoin Address ?  

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How do I learn ?

As soon as you click on the start button above, you will be taken to a page with multiple basic learnings about Bitcoin. You are requested to go through them carefully as these learnings will enhance your conception about Bitcoin. Interestingly, every time you load this learning module, you get a new set of learnings.

How do I earn ?

Whenever you are on the learning page, you will find an instruction above describing how much you can earn against what time spent on the learning module. A clock will be ticking in the right hand side. Once you cross the instructed time limit, you may end your learning. Bitcoins will be automatically added to your Coin Learn account. Once your Coin Learn account balance reaches the minimum threshold of 0.0001 BTC, it will be moved to pending. Pending payments are cleared out in every payment cycle.

Another way to earn is through referral. You may share the Coin Learn URL in following format on social media, blog, forum or websites to earn referral commission.

For a payment made to your referral, same amount will be added to your balance.

Please read details of free bitcoin payment rules here.

How do I use my Ad Balance ?

In every payment cycle, your earning beyond 0.0002 BTC gets added to the ad balance. You can use this ad balance to promote your link to thousands of bitcoiners by booking ad space on Coin Learn. Please enter your bitcoin address and associated password below to go to the ad booking page. If you dont have a password set against your bitcoin address as of yet, just enter a new one and it will be set.

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